Introducing Our Open Mixed Reality Ecosystem | Meta (2024)

Today, we’re taking a major step toward our vision for a more open computing platform for the metaverse. We’re opening up the operating system that powers our Meta Quest devices to third-party hardware makers, giving developers a larger ecosystem to build for and ultimately creating more choice for consumers. This platform is the product of a decade of investment into the underlying technologies that enable mixed reality, and opening it up means a lot more people will benefit from that investment. We’re working with leading global technology companies to create a new ecosystem of mixed reality devices, and we’re making it even easier for developers to build mixed reality apps.

We believe a more open ecosystem is the best way to bring the power of mixed reality to as many people as possible. With more devices, this new ecosystem will offer more choice to consumers and businesses around the world. Developers will have a much larger range of hardware that can run their apps, and more device makers will expand their market to a wider range of users, much like we’ve seen with PCs and smartphones.

Introducing Meta Horizon OS

This new hardware ecosystem will run on Meta Horizon OS, the mixed reality operating system that powers our Meta Quest headsets. Meta Horizon OS combines the core technologies that power today’s mixed reality experiences with a suite of features that put social presence at the center of the platform.

Meta Horizon OS is the result of a decade of work at Meta to build a next-generation computing platform. To pioneer standalone headsets, we developed technologies like inside-out-tracking and self-tracked controllers. To allow for more natural interaction systems and social presence, we pioneered hand, eye, face and body tracking. And for mixed reality, we built a full stack of technologies for blending the digital and physical worlds, including high-resolution Passthrough, Scene Understanding and Spatial Anchors. This long-term investment that began on the mobile-first foundations of the Android Open Source Project has produced a full mixed reality operating system used by millions of people.

Developers and creators can take advantage of all these technologies to create mixed reality experiences. And they can reach their audiences and grow their businesses through the content discovery and monetization platforms built into Meta Horizon OS, including the Meta Quest Store, which we’ll rename the Meta Horizon Store.

The social layer of Meta Horizon OS means people’s identities, avatars, social graphs and friend groups can move with them across virtual spaces, and developers can integrate these social features into their apps. And because this social layer is made to bridge multiple platforms, people can spend time together in virtual spaces that exist across mixed reality, mobile and desktop devices. Meta Horizon OS devices will also use the same mobile companion app that Meta Quest owners use today, which we’ll rename to the Meta Horizon app.

A New Generation Of Hardware

Leading global technology companies are already working to bring this new ecosystem to life with new devices built on Meta Horizon OS:

  • ASUS’s Republic of Gamers will use its expertise as a leader in gaming solutions to develop an all-new performance gaming headset.
  • Lenovo will draw on its experience co-designing Oculus Rift S, as well as deep expertise in engineering leading devices like the ThinkPad laptop series, to develop mixed reality devices for productivity, learning, and entertainment.
  • Xbox and Meta teamed up last year to bring Xbox Cloud Gaming (Beta) to Meta Quest, letting people play Xbox games on a large 2D virtual screen in mixed reality. Now, we’re working together again to create a limited-edition Meta Quest, inspired by Xbox.

All of these devices will benefit from Meta’s long-term partnership with Qualcomm Technologies, Inc., which builds the Snapdragon® processors that are tightly integrated with our software and hardware stacks.

A More Open App Ecosystem

As we begin opening Meta Horizon OS to more device makers, we’re also expanding the ways app developers can reach their audiences. We’re beginning the process of removing the barriers between the Meta Horizon Store and App Lab, which lets any developer who meets basic technical and content requirements release software on the platform. App Lab titles will soon be featured in a dedicated section of the store on all our devices, making them easy for larger audiences to discover.

We’re also developing a new spatial app framework that helps mobile developers create mixed reality experiences. Developers will be able to use the tools they’re already familiar with to bring their mobile apps to Meta Horizon OS or to create entirely new mixed reality apps.

Consumers and developers alike will benefit from an ecosystem where multiple hardware makers build on a common platform. We look forward to continuing on this journey to bring mixed reality to more people.

Introducing Our Open Mixed Reality Ecosystem | Meta (2024)


Does Meta Quest 2 have mixed reality? ›

Launch the Mixed Reality Capture app in your Meta Quest 2 or Meta Quest and click Search for Device. If the IP address is different on your computer than the one shown on your Meta Quest 2 or Meta Quest, you can enter the IP address manually. Once the device is found click Calibrate Your Camera.

What does "mixed reality" mean? ›

Mixed reality (MR) is a term used to describe the merging of a real-world environment and a computer-generated one. Physical and virtual objects may co-exist in mixed reality environments and interact in real time.

Who owns Meta Quest? ›

The Meta Quest Pro is a mixed reality (MR) headset developed by Reality Labs, a division of Meta Platforms (formerly Facebook, Inc.). Unveiled on October 11, 2022, it is a high-end headset designed for mixed reality and virtual reality applications, targeting business and enthusiast users.

Is Meta Quest 3 worth? ›

The Meta Quest 3 is the best mainstream VR headset currently available thanks to its improved passthrough experience from the Quest 2, rich catalog of games and services, and near-untouchable performance at the $500 price point.

Is Meta Quest 3 mixed reality? ›

Meta Quest 3 also comes with a number of mixed reality apps and experiences pre-installed. Select the Meta Toybox in your Horizon Home to check them out. You can find more mixed reality experiences in the Meta Quest Store by searching for apps with the Mixed Reality tag.

What is the disadvantage of mixed reality? ›

Health Concerns : Extended use of mixed reality technology can cause physical discomfort, including headaches, nausea, and eye strain. These issues can limit the potential for mixed reality to be used in certain fields, such as healthcare and education.

What are some everyday examples of mixed reality? ›

Snapchat filters, virtual makeup, and furniture fitting are good examples of mixed reality usage. In contrast, VR puts you in a completely virtual environment but requires specific equipment: a VR headset and controllers. VR is widely used in sports training and flight simulation, to say nothing of games, of course.

What is an example of mixed reality in everyday life? ›

Real-Life Examples of Mixed Reality

HoloLens allows users to view 3D images and objects as if they are a part of the environment around them. For example, the manufacturing industry uses MR technology (via Hololens) by interacting with an actual engine in front of them.

Is Meta Quest losing money? ›

Mark Zuckerberg's bet on the metaverse continues to be a money-bleeding endeavor, with the unit reporting billions of dollars in losses every quarter.

Does Meta Quest make money? ›

In 2022, Meta generated 2.2 billion U.S. dollars in revenue from its Reality Labs business segment, amassed from the delivery of hardware products such as Meta Quest and Ray-Ban Stories smart glasses, as well as related software and content.

Who is the target audience of Meta Quest? ›

"Meta is pitching the Quest Pro as a productivity device, aimed at designers, architects and other creative professionals." Meta is also integrating Microsoft applications like Teams. Microsoft itself has a government contract to create AR headset for the military.

Why is Meta Quest for 13 year olds? ›

Meta's Oculus Safety Center advises that children under 13 don't use Meta VR Systems because "younger children have greater risks of injury and adverse effects than older users."

Is Meta Quest 4 coming out? ›

We likely won't see a Meta Quest 4 until 2026, based on the three-year gap between the Oculus Quest 2 and Meta Quest 3. Still, Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg has already hinted at Quest 4 features, and the Quest 1 and 2 were only 17 months apart — which means it's never too early to speculate.

Why is the new Meta Quest so expensive? ›

Breaking the cost down a little further, we can see that the Qualcomm Snapdragon XR2 Gen 2, which gives the Quest 3 such a huge graphics upgrade, makes up the biggest slice of the pie. This chipset, plus the cooling unit required to keep it performing without overheating, costs Meta roughly $151 for each headset made.

What is mixed reality Quest 2? ›

Mixed reality capture enables you to capture video footage of yourself within virtual reality, using a PC, camera and green screen. This application will enable you to set up your camera to perform mixed reality capture with the PC Camera Calibration tool (see link below).

Is the metaverse mixed reality? ›

For the purposes of our discussions here, the metaverse is understood to be a universal mixed reality world that is facilitated by the use of virtual and augmented reality headsets.

Is mixed reality the same as metaverse? ›

Extended reality, or XR, is a computer-generated experience that unites aspects of both the real and virtual worlds. XR encompasses augmented reality, virtual reality and mixed reality and can also include other immersive technology, such as the metaverse. Users access the metaverse through XR.


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