How to write a solid job application in Spanish? - Learn languages with italki (2024)

Have you found your dream job in Madrid, Buenos Aires, or Mexico City? Then you’ll want to ensure you understand how to write a job application in Spanish.

In the Spanish-speaking job market, a job application is more than a formality or an embellishment for an impressive Spanish CV. It is the section of your presentation package where you can showcase your personality, express your interest in the position, and explain your value as a professional.

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Write the best-personalized job application in Spanish

Writing a job application in Spanish can be a bit tricky. On the one hand, it needs to feel personal and original. On the other hand, it needs to follow specific linguistic and formal conventions and, of course, be error-free. Let’s see how to structure the job application.

Structure of job application in Spanish

Nombre y apellido: Full name.

Lugar y fecha: Location and date.

Persona a la que va dirigida la carta y nombre del departamento: Name of the receiver and name of the specific epartment.

Párrafo de presentación: Introductory paragraph with personal information.

Párrafo principal 1 – motivos para la solicitud del empleo: First main paragraph where you will list why you are applying for this job.

Párrafo principal 2 – razones para contratarte: Second main paragraph where you explain why you are the best choice for a specific post.

Interés por acordar una entrevista: A short paragraph expressing your interest in being interviewed for the job.

Agradecimiento y saludos: A ‘thank you’ phrase and a final greeting.

Firma del remitente: Your signature.

You can also get the Spanish language partner to discuss the formal and informal situations in detail. Your native language partner will guide you in dealing with these professional situations like a pro!

Pay attention to the language

Writing a good Spanish job application requires striking the right tone, a balance of professionalism and intimacy in the use of the language. Remember, this is your opportunity to express yourself freely, so don’t sound robotic. However, this does not imply that you can discuss anything or use the same language as you would with a friend.

Also, proofread your application before sending it to ensure no errors. No matter how impressive your skills are, an application with spelling and/or grammatical errors will make a negative impression and will likely sabotage your efforts. You must also explore Spanish work culture to understand the work practices of natives and how they get their jobs done in terms of working hours and routines.

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Some useful phrases for job application in Spanish

In this section, you will find useful vocabulary to write your job application in Spanish:

  • Heading

Señor/a (apellido): Dear Mr/Ms (last name)

Estimado señor o señora: Dear Sir or Madam

  • Introductory paragraph

Les escribo en referencia a su anuncio aparecido en…:

Concerning your ad published in…

Soy (título universitario, oficio) y tengo una amplia experiencia en (…) y en (…), tal como figura en mi curriculum.I am (degree or job) and I have vast experience in (…) and (…) as stated in my resume.

  • First body paragraph

Me encantaría formar parte de su equipo:

I would love to join your team.

Esta sería una gran oportunidad para poner en práctica toda mi experiencia

This would be a great opportunity to put all my experience into practice.

  • Second body paragraph

Habiendo terminado los estudios de (…), me considero más que capacitado/a para cumplir con las responsabilidades como (…)

Having completed my studies in (…) I am more than capable of taking the responsibilities of a (…)

  • Asking for an interview

Me encantaría poder expandirme sobre todas estas cosas en una entrevista.

I would love to enlarge on these things in an interview.

Por todos estos motivos, les agradecería que admitieran esta solicitud para participar en las pruebas de selección.

For all these reasons, I would be extremely grateful if you included me in the selection process.

  • Final greeting

A la espera de sus noticias

Looking forward to hearing from you soon

Los saluda atentamente,


Further tips for writing engaging job application in Spanish

  • If you are applying to a company known for its innovative approach to corporate dynamics, like Google, you might consider recording a video in Spanish instead of writing an application.
  • Unless an ad specifically encourages applicants to include salary-related information in their Spanish job application, it is best to avoid discussing pay until you are invited for an interview.
  • When listing skills and writing about your previous experience, ensure the information is relevant to the job you are applying for.
  • If you want to mention a negative aspect of your personality, make it sound as if it could be a positive one. For example, you could describe yourself as a perfectionist, which means you can become overly stressed, but you will go out of your way to bring your A-game to work daily.
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Frequently asked questions

How can I effectively highlight my skills and achievements?

Use bullet points to showcase specific skills and quantify achievements where possible. Focus on results and outcomes from your previous roles.

What are the key phrases and keywords that grab attention in a Spanish job application?

Use action verbs and industry-specific keywords relevant to the job. For example, if applying for a marketing role, include words like “strategic planning,” “campaign management,” and “market analysis.”

Is it important to include references in my resume?

It’s not necessary to include references on your resume. Simply state that references are available upon request. Have a separate list of references ready to provide if requested during the interview.


Writing a good job application in Spanish is necessary to land your dream job. Follow the tips and tricks in the guide to write a solid Spanish job application.

Additionally, explore italki to find the best Spanish tutor and start learning this incredible language from the comfort of home!

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How to write a solid job application in Spanish? - Learn languages with italki (2024)


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