Exploding Kittens Rules - Learn How to Play an Exploding Kittens Game (2024)

Exploding Kittens Rules - Learn How to Play an Exploding Kittens Game (1)

Exploding kittens is yet another exceptional game that has been making rounds on the internet these days. This multiplayer game falls under the category of card games and is played among either teams or individual players. However, the individual player format is mostly preferred over the team version. This article offers some insights into the exploding kittens rules and how to play exploding kittens, along with various tips and tricks to win the game.

Exploding Kittens Rules - Learn How to Play an Exploding Kittens Game (2)

How to Play Exploding Kittens Game?

The game begins with players drawing out the cards on the board one by one. There are different cards; however, some of them are exploding kitten cards. The players keep drawing out the cards until an exploding kitten arrives. The player that draws out the exploding kittens card is presumed to explode and is eliminated from the game.

The same process is carried out until only one player remains in the game. The last player that can remain unharmed throughout the game is considered the winner. The chance of drawing an exploding kitten card increases as you proceed with the game and draw out more cards. Similarly, all the other cards are harmless, and possession of a higher number of these harmless cards can increase your winning chances to a great extent.


Exploding kittens is a multiplayer game and thus, requires four to five players during the game. The lesser number of players will make the game boring and will end the game quickly in case an explosion card is revealed. You should defuse those explosive cards while playing to decrease the chance of losing the game.

Lower the number of exploding cards, the higher the chances of winning the game. Moreover, you should be careful while inserting the kitten cards. Three kitten cards are inserted for four players to leave one player as the winner at the end of the game. Similarly, five cards are inserted for four players. This ensures that at least one player remains at the end of the game to claim victory.


The goal of the game is to prevent yourself from drawing out the kitten card and remaining safe till all the other players are dead. This can be done by defusing more and more cards to decrease your chance of picking out the kitten card. When all the kitten cards have been picked, and the players are dead, the one that survives till the end is considered the winner.


There are no particular scoring criteria in the game. Instead, players can make various combinations to increase their chance of winning the game. The sole survivor of the game is considered the winner in the end. There are various types of cards present in the game that can be used to make various combinations.

The most commonly used cards are defused cards, nope cards, skip cards, favor cards, and exploding kittens cards. Exploding Kittens and defused cards have been discussed earlier. The other cards are mentioned as follows; Nope, cards can stop any action in the game except for explosions which can not be stopped at all. This card is highly useful in unfavorable situations, especially when you encounter something irreversible.

You can use a nope card to stop your opponent’s actions against you. Thereby, decrease the chance of losing the game. Another card known as the attack is also highly favored by most consumers. This card enters your turn before you have to draw a card. Thereby protecting you from drawing the kitten card. Similarly, it can place your opponent in an unfavorable spot by forcing them to draw two cards in a row. Thereby increasing the chance of picking the kitten card.

How to Win Exploding Kittens Game?

There are a few tips to win the game effortlessly. We recommend looking for the attack card among the pile. The attack card has two benefits. Firstly, it stops you from drawing out any card when it is your turn. Thus, protecting you from getting exploded. Secondly, it forces your competitor to pick two cards in a row.

Hence, increasing their chance of picking the kitten card. Apart from attack cards, you can also look for skip cards. The skip card can help you skip your turn and can be used as a defense strategy against competitors. However, you can only use it once or twice before it becomes null.

Exploding Kittens Rules - Learn How to Play an Exploding Kittens Game (3)

Rules of Exploding Kittens Game

Here is the list of main exploding kittens rules:

  • You can not escape your turn unless you possess a skip or attack card.
  • Nope, cards can be used to undo any harm except the one caused by the exploding kittens card.
  • Only one card can be picked at a time.
  • Certain cards can only be played in pairs or combinations. Otherwise, they do not provide any benefit to the player.
  • You must not peek at the other cards. Doing so can be considered cheating and would result in disqualification.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are “see the future cards” in the game?
See the Future cards allow you to peek at three different cards from the pile. This enables you to choose the safest option. This card is extremely beneficial in identifying the explosion cards and helps the players to protect themselves against explosions. However, you should keep your cards hidden from other players to prevent leakage of information.

What should I do with the cards that have no instructions written on them?
The cards with the absence of instructions can only be used in pairs. They do not provide any benefit to the players in individual form. You can choose two matching cards and make a pair. Afterward, you can choose any other random card from your competitors and steal it to make them lose.

Is exploding kittens difficult?
No, exploding kittens is not a difficult game. You can easily play it with your friends and family members. Similarly, the rules are not very complex and can be followed without any difficulty. The main focus of the game is to draw out the cards one after another and protect yourself against picking the exploding cards.

Exploding Kittens Rules - Learn How to Play an Exploding Kittens Game (2024)


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