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1. Another veteran CEO retires to Nashville | Business

  • 7 jan 2009 · B. Edward Ewing, who headed the financially and politically powerful Carlyle Group's turnaround management operation from Dallas before ...

  • For the second time in three months, the former CEO of a major corporation has chosen to settle in Nashville.

2. Meet the Texas tycoon who says he wants to invest $500M in Nashville

  • 5 jun 2017 · B. Edward Ewing has a plan to invest up to $500 million in real estate development in the Nashville area. That includes $200 million in the West ...

  • B. Edward Ewing's vision includes the building of several bridges across the Cumberland River and taller, more expensive housing on land he owns off West Trinity Lane.

3. Tycoon's heart bigger than bank account

  • 11 mei 2013 · Ed Ewing knows what it's like to be rich. The Jasper, Ind. native and semiretired business tycoon now lives in Nashville, Tenn.

  • Ed Ewing knows what it's like to be rich.


  • 27 mei 2005 · B. Edward Ewing is an interesting fellow. Grew up poor in Jasper, Indiana. Wound up pulling the big levers inside the military industrial ...

  • B. Edward Ewing is an interesting fellow. Grew up poor in Jasper, Indiana. Wound up pulling the big levers inside the military industrial complex at the Carlyle Group. Along the way, became very wealthy. Landed last year on our list of the 100 Most Expensive Homes in Dallas (No. 42). Comes now news that the billionaire just bought a 10-room apartment in the Trump Park Avenue in Manhattan for $8.5 million. The pad has six baths and measures 5,473 square feet. Plus, let’s not forget, Ewing also owns a house in Rancho Santa Fe, California. To Mr. Ewing, we have no choice but to say, with gusto: nice!

5. Multi-million dollar estate for sale in Santa Claus, Indiana – Ed Ewing's ...

  • 7 okt 2022 · Self-made business tycoon Ed Ewing is selling his Big Tree Farm Estate, located between Lincoln Boyhood National Memorial Park and Holiday World ...

  • SANTA CLAUS– Nestled in the rolling hills of Southern Indiana rests 550 gated acres of scenic beauty and luxury. Self-made business tycoon Ed Ewing is sel

6. The Turnaround Tycoon | | nashvillepost.com

  • 7 jan 2009 · Striding across a spotless plant floor where workers are assembling airplane wings and tail assemblies, B. Edward Ewing is given the reception

  • Striding across a spotless plant floor where workers are assembling airplane wings and tail assemblies, B. Edward Ewing is given the reception of a rock star. At each workstation along

7. The 100 Most Expensive Homes in Dallas 2005 - D Magazine

  • 1 apr 2005 · B. Edward Ewing, 60, grew up poor in Jasper, Indiana. His father worked in a furniture factory; his mother cleaned houses. More than once, ...

  • Our biennial peek at the pads of the rich and famous reveals surprising changes. Sixteen new people have made the list. Others have slipped or risen on it. We, like you, are voyeurs. So come on upstairs with us and have a look inside the medicine cabinet.

8. Edward Ewing | Historica Wiki | Fandom

9. Forbes 400: The Richest People In Texas

  • 17 sep 2013 · Hunt, inspiration of J.R. Ewing and half-brother of fellow ... He also has a B-25 bomber that he flew at an event honoring the 70th ...

  • These are the richest people in the Lone Star State.

10. An Interview With Reid Ewing - Instinct Magazine

  • 1 dec 2020 · Low and behold, with the help of Wikipedia, I discovered it was Ewing. ... Writer's Note B: Quotes have been edited for clarity. Source ...

  • Modern Family’s Slapstick Megastud Dishes On Hollywood, Enlightenment, And Future Endeavors

11. Blog | Kathy Ewing | author of A Grandmother's ABC Book

  • 18 apr 2024 · According to Wikipedia, “The brand name Tylenol and the United ... How amazingly coincidental that reader and friend Barbara B., in her ...

  • author of A Grandmother's ABC Book

12. Tycoon buying 30 acres on Cumberland River for $2.04M

  • 24 okt 2015 · B. Edward Ewing, owner and CEO of Ewing Properties, will pay $2.04 million for the property on West Trinity Lane after winning an auction sale ...

  • Property on West Trinity Lane zoned for 248 townhomes

13. NPR : Books We Love

  • by Edward Carey. Read more ». Cassandra in Reverse by ... by Jen B. Larson. Read more ». Birnam Wood by Eleanor Catton.

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14. David Ewing Duncan on LinkedIn: Microlands

  • 1 feb 2024 · ... (b. 1938), developed a theory proposing “that living organisms ... ” (from Wikipedia) In their own words: “I think that we reject the ...

  • It's almost here! My latest book (co-authored with geneticist Craig Venter) will be released in the UK one week from today with a new title and a new look that… | 10 comments on LinkedIn

15. Webbledegook - Garen Ewing's Blog - comics - illustration - history - stuff

  • This is the blog of Garen Ewing, writer, illustrator and researcher, creator of the award-winning Adventures of Julius Chancer, and lover of classic film, ...

  • Anyone embarking on historical research will know the danger, and thrill, of getting sidetracked by little mysteries and tidbits that are tangential, or even totally astray from what you're supposed to be looking at. Sometimes it's best to ignore these glittering threads, but other times the pull is just too strong, and you suddenly find yourself with a new little side project, drawing you further and further in. This is about two of those instances where I researched men with an African origin living in 18th and 19th Century Britain, Cyrus Hamilton and William Dobson.

B Edward Ewing Wikipedia (2024)


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